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A wide range to meet all your expectations

Organic fruit, nuts, Mediterranean fruit, Agen prunes

• Organic Fruit

Maître Prunille offers you a distinctive range based upon environment and variety optimization and upon methods which formally exclude the use of chemicals.

• Mediterranean fruit

Throughout the year, Maître Prunille offers you sunshine fruit such as apricots, dates or figs. These fruit, carefully selected all around the world, have an irreproachable quality.

• Nuts

Maître Prunille offers you a range of nuts in their shells, which are nutritious and easy to store. This range allows you to rediscover the tradition of cracking nuts by hand.

• Genuine prunes

The PDO* label guarantees a regional and traditional way of production. Grown in the Agen area, jumbo Agen prunes with pits make you taste again the best of prunes.

*Protected Designation of Origin

Home baking

Maître Prunille offers you a wide range of fruit and nuts for cooking – for everyday meals or for special occasions. You can personalize and enhance all your dishes – whether salads, main courses or even desserts – thanks to our ‘ready-to-use’ home baking.

This range is composed of nuts (walnuts, almond ground…), raisins and also Agen prunes. These pitted Agen prunes to cook will add flavor to your dishes and will also balance your diet.

Our packagings were made to answer all your needs: small bags to use the product in one time and resealable jars to preserve all the product savor.

Soft fruit and indulgence products

• Small pleasures

In this range, Maitre Prunille has carefully selected rare ingredients to obtain 5 premium fruit references: Soft dried Mangoes, Plump dried Cherries, Sweet Pineapple, Delicious dried Bananas and Tasty dried Strawberries.
Packaged in small packets, you can enjoy eating them all day long as a snack.
Products with an exceptionnally tasty quality !

• Soft fruit

Maître Prunille is the originator of soft fruit, such as prunes, apricots or figs… These fruit, which can be eaten at any time of the year, have a texture and a flavor beyond compare, and help towards an energy-giving, healthy and balanced diet.

• Tasty prunes

Agen Prunes are good to taste and easy to eat, any time and anywhere. You will appreciate how easy are our packagings to use: our 500g packagings stand upright for easy storage, our zipped 1kg bags are easy to reseal.

• Handy size

Maître Prunille can go with you anywhere, at any time of the day: to school, to the office, on a journey, on your bike, on an outing… thanks to all the energy of a healthy product in a handy size.

Healthy products

• Maitre Prunille 'Energy'

Prunes, Apricots, Dates or Figs Purees enhanced with Fructose.
Energetic food product : Specially designed for athletes, each pouch contains around 70kcal. This product provides an instant assimilation and a slow release of the energy. It is recommended to take it before prolonged physical activity and endurance sports.
Pratical product : Its soft and its easy opening pouch makes it a pratical product to use during physical activity.

Energetic, practical and Tasty: Maitre Prunille 'Energy’, the fruit pouch !

"Made from fruit puree"

• Croq'pommes

Fuji apple slices, without sugar, fat or coloring.
Croq’Pommes, the light, tasty and crispy snack !

"Without sugar, fat or coloring"

• Dry-roasted unsalted nuts

Pistachios, Cashew nuts and Almonds. The way of production (fat and salt-free roasting) allows you to find the real and natural taste of the nut and also answers to your health demand.

"No added salt"

• Nuts and fruit mixes

"Mélange Tonique", "Mélange Energique" et "Mélange Dynamique".
3 tasty mixes, associating the nuts crunch (almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts…) and the fruit softness (mangoes, cranberries, raisins, bananas…).

"High in vitamins and nutriments"

• Prune juice

Our new recipe of prune juice, with no added sugar and with its deliciously fruity taste helps to find all nutrionnal values and virtues of the prune in a glass. More ecological or eco friendly than glass bottles, our Tetra Pak packaging is 100% recycable.
The natural way to go !

"With no added sugar"

• Fitness prunes

The prune is an energy provider fruit. So it perfectly meets all the body needs for natural sugar. These pitted Agen prunes, packaged in smaller bags are very useful. You can take it everywhere ; it would provide you energy all day long.

Party time
Products used for your party time

• Tasty salted snacks

They are indispensable for sharing moments with friends and for filling your hunger gaps.

• Tasty sweet snacks

An original range for snacking with a wide selection of fleshy fruit and other dried fruit from all over the world. This diversified range is rich in flavors, from the most traditional to the most exotic.

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