Products adapted to the needs of industry
In the food industry manufacturing sector, Maître Prunille is a company at the cutting edge of technology, committed to a clear quality approach that is applied to all its operations.
 • Transformation of raw materials followed up by regular checks troughout the whole process.
 • Packaging adapted to industrial requirements : 5 to 15 kg boxes, bulk, pallox, ...
 • For the best possible storage, some of our products can be pasteurized or regulated by adding specific preservatives.
Maître Prunille can also provide a range of services to meet all your requirements.
Dried fruits any way you want it!
Based on our dried fruits range
• prunes: nearby 60% of the French processed harvest of prunes (30 000 T)
• more than 40 fruits imported (30 000 T)
• apricots, figs, raisins, dates, etc…

We can offer:
• stoned, pitted or rehydrated fruits
• diced dried fruit, different sizes and coatings
• aseptic purees and pastes
• juice concentrates, various specifications
• creams, various viscosities
• fruit blend

These have been specially designed for use in the manufacture of:
• breakfast cereals
• cereal bars
• health products
• organic products
• flavorings
• oven-ready and catering dishes
• cakes and buns, breads
• fruit preparations for yogurts, biscuits, ice creams, ...

A guarantee of quality:
Our main production units are BRC and IFS certified.
Check our quality performance section

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