wide range of dried fruits
A range produced by professionals for professionals
Maître Prunille Foodservice offers you a very wide range of Dried Fruits and products made from it, from the most classical to the most technological, from products in bulk for use in large-scale preparation of meals to ready-to-eat products aimed at the individual consumer.

With passion for flavour as its cornerstone, Maître Prunille Foodservice uses fruit in all forms, adapted to everyone’s modern eating habits. Whole or stoned fruits, purees, juicesn organic products, ground nuts, diced fruits … All these products are to discover !
Collective Catering

Nutritional benefits.
The objective of the Maître Prunille Foodservice is to offer nutritional and functional products to meet healthy, efficiency and transparency expectations, suitable products that conciliate nutritional, taste and variety guidelines.

Hospitals and schools, company canteens and university self-service cafes serve individual, ready-to-eat portions, and prune-based drinks (squash, juice, cordial).

They also use products supplied in bulk in their recipes, such as raisins in cooking a tabouleh or flaked almonds in baking cakes.
Commercial Catering

Commitment to Creativity.
The objective of the Maître Prunille Foodservice is to offer innovative, prepared products that comply with changing eating habits whilst conserving the authentic nature of dried fruits. The brand offers a wide range of creative products to eat on the move, share and add to recipes: purées, creams, diced fruit, whole fruit, snacks for vending machines, catering and more.
Bread and Pastries

The Fruit Experience
In a constantly changing industry, the Maître Prunille Foodservice is also developing its offer: ingredients for special breads, fruit snacks to take away, dessert ingredients, etc.

Workers in the industrial side of this sector use products such as raisins or almonds, delivered loose so as to make them easier to use on the production line.

As for traditional bakers, they use large quantities of dried fruits for making speciality breads and pastries. The sizes of delivery offered are adapted to the needs of their small-scale businesses.
Vending Machines

Fruit snacks
A range of healthy and tasty products to satisfy consumer concerns for healthy, delicious food. Mini, travel and practical formats to take with you wherever you go: office, school, exercising, etc.
Specialised stores

Maître Prunille ENERGY gels
Energy gels made from dried fruit, suitable for all types of exercise and presented in very practical packs.

A short, easy to understand and efficient range for all sports enthusiasts in 4 flavours:
 • Prune & Date: DURING EXERCISE
Efficient recipes, prepared in association with an expert sports nutritionist.

Key benefits:
 • Adapted purées which are suitable for all kinds of sport, effort and intensity.
 • A natural and fruity flavour: high fruit content. Made with 80% fruit purée. No added flavours – natural fruitiness!
 • A flowing and pleasant texture in the mouth for easy assimilation in all situations.
 • A practical product to drink in packaging that has been designed for sporting use...

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