A high-performance business with strong local roots
The France Prune Union of Cooperatives was founded in 1963 to encourage the production and consumption of the Agen Prune, a highly-valued traditional product that is an integral part of France’s gastronomic heritage.

This producer cooperative was able to respond to consumer demand with a dynamic program of diversification and innovation through the creation of the Maître Prunille subsidiary.

France Prune - Maître Prunille, for example, were the originators of « soft dried fruits », a process whereby soft-fleshed dried fruits are rehydrated. Emphasis has always been placed on quality, all the way along the supply chain from producer to consumer.

Product certification has been introduced for Agen Prunes, quality systems have been put in place for the other dried fruits and nuts and finally all production units have achieved European Quality Referencing qualification.

To promote and boost its product ranges, Maître Prunille is an avid communicator: in the press, on the Internet, radio and also television through many innovative ad campaigns… Check out the brand’s adverts in: BEST OF ADS.

Maître Prunille S.A.S - Sauvaud - BP2 - 47440 CASSENEUIL (France)
Tél. : +33 (0)5 53 36 19 00 - Fax : +33 (0)5 53 36 19 58 - Email : accueil@maitreprunille.com