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Maître Prunille has selected the best varieties of fruits for you and developed specifications for controlling the orchards, the harvest and the drying process.
The result of these demands: heightened sensory quality and complete traceability for the very best fruit.
« The moment you pick up an Agen prune and bite into it, you enter a world of sunshine, nature and pleasure. And the fruit that you have just enjoyed is the result of a passionate commitment, together with a lot of patience and hard work.
It takes six years for a newly planted sapling to bear its first fruit and for the whole of this period the grower is there, taking care of its every need. One morning towards the end of March, a small, single, fragile white flower will burst from a seemingly dormant twig.
It is the herald of Spring, but also of the next harvest. After braving frost, wind, storms and hail, the little fruit becomes a plum. Under the hot July sun, the plum takes on a crimson, purplish bloom and becomes gorged with sweetness. And in August, this act of faith and persistence reaches its peak in the harvest.
This is a time of intense and meticulous work for the growers – the moment when all their hopes can be rewarded and sometimes dashed. Every hour counts and the time from tree to drying oven needs to be kept as short as possible. In 24 hours, the plum becomes an Agen prune.
The crème de la crème of regional fruit, Maître Prunille’s prunes from Agen have their own PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) meaning they are made by drying Ente plums found in Agen’s PGI region.
And now another adventure begins: the Agen prune is carefully attended at every step on its way to you, the consumer, so that finally you can enjoy it on its own or in a recipe and come to share some of our passion for this fruit."
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Our Agen prunes channel
The first stage in respecting fruit is knowledge, including knowledge of producers from the four corners of the globe, resulting in respect for consumers concerned with their well-being.

That is why Maître Prunille cares about protecting what Nature has offered us through the millennia.
dried fruits
Our dried fruits channel
- Our channels abroad :
Apart from enabling product traceability, this ‘channels‘ strategy has as its aim, via a list of specifications drawn up specially for Maître Prunille and in collaboration with local partners, the guidance of selected producers towards a product that is sounder, better tasting, the most regular and the best possible for the environment.
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