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And now, make way for the artists in the kitchen! Maître Prunille’s Creation range offers you a wide choice of dried fruits, which are easy to cook. Let yourself be carried away by our recipe ideas, devised for special occasions or for every day.
Take pleasure in cooking a fruitful and original menu, and, above all, take delight in all the flavors !

Bon appétit !
recipes to download
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• Chicken salad with Cashew nuts
• Refreshing ham and fruit salad with Agen prunes
• Goats' cheese, bacon and Agen prune tart
• Cuncumber salad with hazelnuts
• Tabbouleh with citrus fruits and dried fruits
• Salmon terrine with Pistachios
• Duckling and Agen prune kebabs
• Fillet of trout with a walnut and hazelnut coating
• Tournedos with raisins
• Fish parcels with prunes
• Minced veal meat balls with pine nuts
• Leg of pork with Agen prunes
• Scallops with bacon and pine nuts
• Monkfish with cashew nuts and bacon
• Pan fried foie gras with dried fruits
• Pastilla of lamb with dates and olives
• Rice pudding with dried apricots
• Tropical fruits with an Agenais flavor
• Dried apricot compote with cinnamon and vanilla
• Fromage blanc with kiwi fruits and caramelized dried fruits with maple syrup
• Orange and dates cake
• Earl Grey flavoured almond tarts with pears and figs
• Mini cakes with hazelnuts and pistachios
• Fruit and nut chocolate buttons
• Chocolate Panforte
• Agen prunes with walnuts
• Agen prunes and fresh fruits in a spicy syrup
• Agen prunes with Roquefort cheese
• Fromage blanc sandwich with raisins
• Pumpkin tartlets with hazelnuts

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